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Dr Tan Kok Liang Certified Orthodontist

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• DOrth RCS (Edinburgh)

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Orthodontic Mini Implants

Traditionally for adolescent patients with severe bite problems, headgear need to be prescribed for almost full time wear of above 14 hours a day. Headgears are cumbersome and ugly and patient's compliance is usually poor. With orthodontic mini implants, we at emBRACE no longer use headgears.

Orthodontic mini implants are easy to use and painless to place. Implants allow complicated and complex tooth movements to occur so that patients can enjoy good results without headgear.

For adult patients with severe bite problems, jaw surgery is traditionally done to match upper teeth with the lower.

At emBRACE, we use orthodontic mini implants to enhance tooth movements. We reduce the need for massive jaw surgeries to a bare minimum. We know that patients generally prefer to avoid surgeries when a viable alternative with mini implants exist.


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