Putting a Smile
on Your Face
Treatment Time
For eligible patients, EmBRACE’s non-ligating braces allow for
a shorter treatment time with fewer dental visits!
The New
Many of us have to resort to braces to achieve a winning smile. What we may not realise is that there exists a new range of braces for selection — one of the latest inventions is non-ligating braces.
Benefits of the new Non-Ligating Braces
  • Stronger & More Flexible
  • 50% Reduced Treatment Time
  • Less Discomfort & Pain
  • Affordable Pricing at $4,950 Nett
As featured in:
The Straight Times The Business Times
At our specialist orthodontic clinic,
we offer a range of braces to best suit your needs
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Putting Our Patients First
We’re committed to you, our patient. Our orthodontic practice values excellence, teamwork and honesty. Our charges are transparent with no hidden fees.
All our nett package price includes the following
  • All dentist visits & consultation
  • X-rays (if needed)
  • One set of retainers
Our Clinic Promise
  • Quick Appointment & Prompt Service
  • More Than 20 Years Orthodontic Experience
  • Transparent Charges & No Hidden Fees
Meet Our


Dr Tan Kok Liang
Dr Tan Kok Liang
Certified Specialist in Orthodontics (Dental Braces)
BDS, MSc (Orthodontics), DOrth RCS (Edinburgh)
Dr Tan is dedicated to giving his patients a hassle-free and effective braces treatment. Besides his regular orthodontic appointments, he also spends time on the research and design of newer and better orthodontic braces.
As a fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontics and with more than two decades of experience, Dr Tan developed the first-ever non-ligating braces, helping to re-imagine the world of braces and bringing a new level of comfort and convenience to braces-wearers.