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A Clear Winner

The popular alternative to metal braces - ceramic braces do the job of teeth alignment instead using clear or tooth-coloured brackets and wires.

Ceramic braces in Singapore consist of brackets, wires and ligature bands, and work similarly as metal braces. However, by switching the bracket material from stainless steel to ceramic, the braces are now less noticeable and more visually appealing.

Smooth Moves

Made from high-quality ceramic composites, this type of braces gives its wearer a smooth sensation while not sacrificing on sturdiness and durability.

This makes ceramic braces one of the most effective “clear braces” in the market, yet with lesser discomfort than metal braces as they don’t irritate sensitive gums as much.

Price Consideration

With a more low-key look, ceramic braces come with a higher price point. They are also susceptible to stains due to its whiter and more porous make-up. Keen to find out if ceramic braces are the right choice for you? Contact us today.

Look Good. Feel Good.
Ceramic braces combines aesthetics with comfort
The translucent to white shade of ceramic means a discreet and less noticeable braces
Ceramic looks and feels good - the high-grade material helps align your teeth without irritation to the gums
Proven to be tougher and more effective than other clear type braces
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“Not only do they cause less discomfort, but they also straighten teeth more quickly… Researchers here have developed braces which would make any teenagers beam.”
The Straits Times
Cut treatment Time, Dentist Visits With These Braces
“New type of braces shortens total treatment time by at least 10-20% with patients only needing to make visits to the dentist every three to four months.”
The Business Times
Comfort. Convenience. Results.
Dr Tan Kok Liang
Dr Tan Kok Liang
BDS, MSc (Orthodontics)
DOrth RCS (Edinburgh)
Our orthodontist Dr Tan is dedicated to giving his patients a hassle-free and effective braces treatment. Besides his regular orthodontic appointments, he also spends time on the development of newer, better orthodontic braces.
With more than two decades of orthodontic experience, Dr Tan created the first-ever non-ligating braces, helping to re-imagine the world of braces and bringing a new level of comfort and convenience to braces-wearers.