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Versatility Meets Affordability

Composed of high-grade stainless steel brackets, wires and ligature bands, traditional metal braces are widely regarded as the most common and affordable type of dental braces.

Though more noticeable than other types of braces, metal braces are also more versatile and wallet-friendly, making it the most suitable option for many patients.

Incomparable Strength

With stainless steel, even the most severe cases of misaligned and crooked teeth can be fixed. The strength of other common braces type like ceramic braces is simply incomparable to that of metal braces.

Advancements in modern technology also mean that today’s metal braces are noticeably thinner and lighter, ensuring both effectiveness and comfort. Our clinic also offers heat-activated archwires that can further speed up the process of alignment - with lesser pain and discomfort.

Express Yourself

With this conventional braces treatment, patients have the freedom to be creative and fun with their braces. Show off your personality through the colours of the ligature bands!

Improved Technology. Double the Fun.
The same trustworthy (and customisable) metal braces, now thinner and lighter
The ever-popular braces treatment with decades of proven teeth-straightening results
One of the most affordable type of braces, at $3,950 nett
Customisable colours for ligature bands - for added personality and fun
As featured in:
The Straight Times The Business Times
Braces That Give You More Reason to Smile
“Not only do they cause less discomfort, but they also straighten teeth more quickly… Researchers here have developed braces which would make any teenagers beam.”
The Straits Times
Cut treatment Time, Dentist Visits With These Braces
“New type of braces shortens total treatment time by at least 10-20% with patients only needing to make visits to the dentist every three to four months.”
The Business Times
Comfort. Convenience. Results.
Dr Tan Kok Liang
Dr Tan Kok Liang
BDS, MSc (Orthodontics)
DOrth RCS (Edinburgh)
Our orthodontist Dr Tan is dedicated to giving his patients a hassle-free and effective braces treatment. Besides his regular orthodontic appointments, he also spends time on the development of newer, better orthodontic braces.
With more than two decades of orthodontic experience, Dr Tan created the first-ever non-ligating braces, helping to re-imagine the world of braces and bringing a new level of comfort and convenience to braces-wearers.