How invisalign gives you nicer teeth without embarrassment.

Wearing braces to improve on teeth alignment is no longer the only choice for many teenagers and even older adults who want neat and clear rows of teeth. Invisalign , the almost invisible, clear, yet removable set of teeth aligners offers patients not just a far more comfortable way to having their teeth straightened, but also look good in appearance.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is worn like a clear “cast” over a row of teeth. That is the biggest “attraction” of aligners, since they are transparent and they do not look like ugly braces. A patient has to wear over time a series of aligners, each set constructed slightly differently from the previous one. The series of aligners are carefully moulded to fit the upper and lower teeth, and they help shift the teeth progressively into their final positions.

The course of treatment involves changing aligners approximately every two weeks. Each set of aligners help move the teeth into straighter positions. Patients who wear Invisalign have to ensure that they are fully seated by chewing. They have to wear at least 20 to 22 hours a day but not necessarily continuously.

Like dentures, they can be removed for cleaning when the wearer needs to eat, brush the teeth, or to floss them. However, they should be worn as long as possible. Ideally, the aligners should be worn during vacations, parties and all social functions. If not worn for at least 20 hours daily, the treatment result will be less than ideal. The wearer is also not required to change his or her diet or lifestyle to ensure maximum benefit. The Invisalign aligners are also highly durable, in that they are fairly resistant to wear and tear, and will not break easily.

In my opinion, the success of teeth alignment using Invisalign depends on the experience of the orthodontist, careful case selection, use of auxillaries where needed and full patient co-operation.

Since 2005, I have more than 200 patients successfully treated with Invisalign. Although the treatment is more costly because of its large laboratory fees, patients find Invisalign far less obtrusive in use and in appearance, which is a clear advantage over less expensive teeth alignment methods.

Having said that, Invisalign treatment is not suitable for everyone. Patients with short teeth are not suitable for using Invisalign because the contact area between the teeth and the Invisalign “trays” is not adequate. However, for patients wearing traditional braces, Invisalign may be used to minimise the time they need to spend wearing braces.

Embrace Dental Surgery has been recognised as one of the few Platinum Providers for Invisalign in Singapore. Invisalign Platinum Providers are doctors who have an exceptional level of experience with Invisalign treatment based on the number of patients treated.